Core Competencies

Where you apply and practice core competencies in the arts. Learning to evaluate your own approach to art and thought are skills that you can transfer to any other subject area.

Competency Facet Criteria Where you apply the competency Sample Self Evaluation Statement
Communication Connect & Engage Work with others and their point of view Share and Compare I can listen and respect different points of view when seeing work of others
Acquire, Interpret & present Share and present information Present own work I can present my work to others and explain my intentions
Collaborate, plan & Carry out Take on roles in group and summarize Plan and work as a group I can work in a group with others to complete a project
Explain & Reflect Explain what I learned and fit it with other learning Self reflection / assesment I can summarize different opinions within a group and summarize them to present to others
Critital Thinking Analyze & Critique Use own opinions and understand their source Critique of own and others work I can use criteria to evaluate work, see a variety of perspectives and understand the source of my opinions
Question & Investigate Explore options, check for credibility, facts VS opinion Looking at media, source and bias I can look at sources and determine their value and credibility
Develop and Design Work with purpose and vision in choices Project creation I create projects with the user or audience in mind, either their use of, or recation to the project
Creative Thinking Novelty and Value develop novel ideas, consider impact and value of product or idea Project creation I can create new ideas, and build on them to create a collection of projects
Generating Ideas Use variety in creation – interests, mindfullness, play, etc Developing ideas in variety of ways I have a number of strategies to generate Ideas, and how to work around ‘artists block’
Developing Ideas Develop skills, solve issues, work over time Reflection and improvement of ideas I can work with challenges, improve on ideas and use setbacks to advance my strategy. I can work long-range
Personal Awareness Self determination Advocate for self, immagination, take initiative Developing ideas and projects I follow instructions only / I determine how to make ideas my own / I go beyond what is asked for
Self regulation Perserverance, planning, ownership Completing and improving projects I plan out the progression of a project and how I will complete it /  I just go with the flow / I try to improve on my results
Well being Make healthy choices, have strategies, balance Time management, planning I use my time well / I get stressed because I run out of time due to a lack of planing for my projects
Personal Identity Relationship and Context Understand my identity and how it is shaped Making projects unique I know what I value, and I can show this in my work. I know where I learned these values
Personal Values Understand how my own values affect me Choices made in projects I undertand how my values influence what I do / how and when my values evolved / what triggers changes
Strenths and Abilities Recognize how abilities shape what I can be Effectiveness of Choices I know how my values help me be who I want to be /what challenges I face, how I can grow from these challenges.
Social Responsibility Contributing & Caring Collaborate and cooperate Working with others I work well with others in my school and natural environment
Problem Solving Work through conflicts with others Solving conflicts that arrise I can work through conflict looking for alternatives and compromise, incorporating the ideas of others
Value Diversity Be inclusive, ethical Looking to incorporate other’s ideas I look for diversity and try to build it into what I do and my interactions, I want to support others
Building Relationships Work with others Collaborate on project development I like working in groups and advocating for others, building bridges between diverse groups.